Choosing The Right Roofing Material To Meet Your Needs

As you start to think about choosing from among the Woodlands roofing companies to put a new roof on your home, the decision won’t just be about which company to choose. Instead, you’ll have to think about what type of roof you want most on your home.

Limitless Options

There are hundreds of choices to make when it comes to how you want your roof to look. Not only are there a variety of different materials that Houston roofers have to offer these days, but each material comes in a number of different colors and styles to consider. Here are a few of the most popular you may want to think about.

Asphalt Shingles: These are easily the single most popular type of shingles people go with, and they’re one of the most popular types of roofing materials, too. It’s certainly not hard to see why, either. They’re incredibly cheap, and they’re widely available as well. Many homeowners associations are find with this traditional roofing material, so you shouldn’t have a problem if you go this route. These days there are several color options, too, so you can have a bit different look without a higher price.

Metal Roofing: While it seems like this should be an option reserved for old barns, it’s becoming more popular on homes all of the time. The pricing here is competitive with more traditional shingles, and it offers a protective barrier many other choices simply don’t. What’s more, though, is that it doesn’t look like the old metal roofs you used to see on sheds and other outbuildings. Instead, it has a sleek, modern style almost anyone can appreciate.

Wood Shingles: These may harken back to the days of yesteryear, but they certainly look beautiful on many different types of architecture. That could be one of the reasons they remain so popular today. In exclusive neighborhoods, some homeowner’s associations even require this type of roofing over all others. Keep in mind this is one of the more expensive varieties available, They can last quite a bit longer than other types of materials, but they do require some maintenance and upkeep that other roofing choices simply don’t, so expect to invest at least a little in your roof about every five years.

Clay Tiles: Few roofing materials look quite as amazing as clay tiles, and while these are easily one of the most expensive choices in terms of roofing materials, they’re also the most durable. The cost isn’t the only drawback here, though. They can also be fairly heavy, so if you don’t already have a clay tile roof, you may have to install extra supports on your home to make sure these will work.